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Searching Transcribed Documents

Physician (Owner) Files Report Page

To start searching transcribed documents in order to view the status of a report or view a released report, click on either ‘My Home Page‘ option in the black bar on the top right corner of the site or by clicking on ‘Reports‘ in the menu bar below the MedLite image on the left of your screen and then selecting ‘Physician Files.’

Physician Files menu option

My Home Page Option

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Below is a screen shot of the Physician Files search page

Intrascript Owner Files Search Page

This report shows the status of all files for a Physician. The Status Legend explains which status is represented by each color.  Colors in the Status Legend box may be modified by clicking on the color palette icon on the right of each status listing.  

Search Options

Select one of the Show Files options as follows: ‘Show all files‘ to see all files, ‘Files Not Ready‘ to see only the files that have not been released to the Physician, and ‘Files Ready‘ to see only the files that have been released to the Physician.    Search for files for a specific physician by selecting a physician in the ‘Choose Physician‘ dropdown list.  Search by a Patient Name by entering the full or partial name (this may be entered in either lowercase or uppercase letters).  Search by a combination of search criteria by just typing a value in the various fields such as MTID number, MRN number, and/or selecting a Report Type.  Also be sure to check your Dates Between values to make sure you are searching in the desired date range.

The search results can also be sorted by selecting one of the Sort by options –  Dictation, Last Change, Service, or Date Received.  Dictation refers to the date the report was dictated; Last Change is the date the document was last modified; Service is the Date of Service for the document; and Date Received is the date the dictation was uploaded into the MedLite Intrascript system.

Once all the search criteria has been entered, click on the ‘Run‘ button.  If files were found that matched your search criteria, you will see a list of one or more documents displayed below the Search Criteria form similar as shown below:

Owner Files Search Result

The color of the row in which each file is listed indicates the status of that file as listed in the Status Legend.  If the file is in the status indicating it is Released to Physician or Edited, the document may be viewed by clicking on the file name listed and underlined in the FileName column as shown above and circled in red.  This will open up the Report Editor page to display the document.

Please see my next blog regarding the Report Editor page.

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