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Transcription Company Services

Here at Medlite, quality matters! Delivering a high-quality, accurate product is our highest priority.  We bring to the table over 20 years of experience in meeting high standards and expectations from our clients.  Our company meets these standards through quality control levels we have in place and trained, experienced transcriptionists dedicated to each client. The QA staff reviews transcriptions for accuracy and proper formatting before returning reports to our clients.

Our system offers Flexible Dictation Options. Customers can dictate by using a toll-free phone number, handheld recorder or an iPhone app. The system also provides Multiple Delivery Options.  Our online system allows reports to be printed, downloaded to a folder, faxed or sent directly to an EHR/EMR system.  With our online system that is automated 24/7, customers can access their transcription anytime and on multiple devices.  Concerned about the security and privacy of your reports?  Our online site requires a login to determine access to reports and how much a user is allowed to see. A strong encryption process, meeting HIPAA compliancy standards, upholds Confidentiality and Security. Our company also provides customizable report templates per type and physician as required per client.  In addition, our customer friendly support staff is available to assist you with your transcription needs.

As a transcription company, we also offer a wide variety of general transcription services that include transcription of speeches, lectures, and interviews.  Medlite, Inc also provides business transcriptions such as business meetings, corporate board meetings, conference calls and video presentations.  You can rest assured that Medlite, Inc will maintain privacy and security for all of our transcriptions as defined above and accessible 24/7.

Accuracy, customer satisfaction, fast turnaround times and providing friendly, personal customer service is our highest priority.

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revenue cycle management

Healthcare Solutions

An additional service that we offer is Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) .  RCM services will handle your claims information, taking each claim through the right steps. By tracking each process, this ensures claims are paid on time so you benefit by reduced administrative costs. Our RCM program has proven to improve overall revenues by 10-20% on average over a traditional billing company or in-house solution.

Along with our RCM services, we also offer an Insurance Pre-Certification Service. Through this service, MedLite is able to help you get the most from claim reimbursements with reliable and rapid turnaround time.  This service also helps to reduce duplication and patient data errors. An optional financial review is also available to glean information regarding reimbursements.  The review provides insight on how much reimbursement you can expect to get back from insurance companies for procedures. This is done by taking into consideration the patient Diagnosis and Insurance coverage.

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development tools

 Web Development

Growing from our desire to provide useful, friendly services and drawing from our experienced in-house programming staff, our programmers have created a Reminder website for sending text or email reminders to yourself, friends and/or family.  As part of our web development services, we also offer WordPress services to help with your WordPress set up needs.

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